February 11 Lecture

Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda

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MNCs: - the modern corporation is the latest legal manifestation and it is globally recognized (by other states) - globalization has increased their power and numbers - also more 3 rd world MNCs are emerging – India’s Tata; Brazil’s beer barons - China: state corporations FDI - Buyout or buy-in to foreign operation - Joint ventures with locals - Licensing agreements - Strategic partnerships - From 3 rd world too – access to closing markets/blocs (NAFTA, EU) Why go global? - Markets (India’s 350 million middle class) - Consumers (American consumers spend) - Reduce costs (labour from China) - Decrease regulation (Ontario’s enviro region) - State/legal requirement (export-oriented MNC) - Diversify risk (property, consumers, currency) - Access to capital (global markets; s.w.f.’s) - Get new resources (oil, tar sands, water) - Research and innovation (meds, sci, poli) States need MNCs - Investment (Canada, Grammeen Bank) - Develop new or take over existing infrastructure (electricity) - Create jobs and “grow” economy
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February 11 Lecture - MNCs: FDI Buyout or buy-in to foreign...

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