February 23 Lecture

Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda

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February 23 Lecture Global Economy: MNCs Two types of power, private power and corporate power. Private power- private or privatized bodies for settling regulatory matters and making key economic decisions. Separate or insulated from state power. Third World States Economic situation dire, have little to no tax base, need the $. Weak institutions. Cannot check corporate power. Government corruption. Unable to disregard determination of private power agents- USA, IMG, WB, CitiBank. Provides regulation-free zones to receive FDI Social issues- child labour, slave labour, low enviro standards. Advantage for 3 rd world Privatization of social services and infrastructure. Increase power of corporations who take over areas, services, etc. Decline in revenue source- MNCs taking Detrimental to legitimacy of state- rebellion. Use of state against it population to uphold MNCs rights. Security- privatized? Corporate roles, including social.
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February 23 Lecture - February 23 Lecture Global Economy:...

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