January 7 Lecture

Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda

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Thursday Jan 7 Lecture - locate, retrieve, present minimum of o 8 scholarly resources (min 3 from 2008, 3 from 2004-07, 2 prior to 2004 o 2 scholarly monographs (books) o 1 high quality internet resource o Bibliography in MLA 7 th edition o Show us how you got there, worth 5%, due week of Feb 14 How You Got There: - Choose your topic and provide essay thesis statement - Identify at least 3 key concepts for your search with appropriate synonyms o IE. Thesis talking about Canada, provide: Concept 1: Canadian, Ontario, Canada, etc. What Counts as a Scholarly? - Peer reviews on authoritative materials (essays, chapters published in edited books written by academics) - Articles published in academic journals and/or peer reviewed publications How do I Know if it’s Scholarly? - Authority: written by an academic for academics and is often peer reviewed o Format has a serious and sober format, sources: cites sources with citations, and/or footnotes, graphics: may contain some graphics and
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Unformatted text preview: charts, but not glossy images and illustrations. Language: uses more complex language of the discipline. Publishers, scholarly press. Purpose to inform, present original research to the rest of the scholarly world o Websites, currency (is it old, revised, new edition?), Relevance (balanced, comprehensive, appropriate level, related to topic), Authority (who wrote it, qualifications, affiliation, importance in the field, published by who?) Accuracy (reliable, error free, verified, editors, footnotes?), Purpose (trying to inform, teach, sell, entertain?) Summary:-State your thesis question-Identify key concepts and synonyms-Search for scholarly resources-Create bibliography/works cited list General Background Information:-Course readings, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, biographies More in Depth Information:-Monographs Specific and Focused:-Journal articles...
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January 7 Lecture - charts, but not glossy images and...

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