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January 14 Lecture

Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda

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January 14 Lecture Issues of Sovereignty - 8000 ethnicities or 191 states? – ‘nation states’ don’t exist (state’s do); need manage without closing borders, economies, flow of info, etc. (India, Israel) - require cooperation (Copenhagen, Iraq) - Coordination: resources & outcomes (what is success?) - economic & social issues = interconnected, IE drugs = wealth x lifestyle x job x respect x stress x health x insurance - Contracting out – selling sovereignty? Paramilitary; mercenaries for hire; Ugandan soldiers - Global economy – open markets? Managing financial crisis BUT return to “Performance—Bonus” culture Future of sovereignty? - 1. Ohmae: ‘nostalgic fiction’ in t eh age of the global economy – states not sole powers: Corporations, NGOs, Terrorists, Others? - 2. ‘retreat of the state’ – Susan Strange: state can’t perform its functions o Defence of territory < deved = no threat, deving = can’t stop o Currency value < floating currency and global trade = no control o Economic development < foreign direct investors (FDI) (build large subway, get money from Japan) = outsiders o
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