March 9 Lecture

Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda

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March 9 Lecture: Where is Globalization Headed? Karl Polanyi: - 1800s peace rested on four institutions o Political: 1) Balance of power, 2) liberal state o Economic: 3) UK International gold standard, 4) Self-Regulating Market o Double movement: as the self-regulating market expands and unravels social fabrics, society and social actors seek to protect themselves and re-makes the social fabric o Rise of fascism, WW1, Depression, WW2 Nig: - 1940s – 1990s: o Political: 1) Cold War, 2) rights and welfare state o Economic: 1) US international fold standard, 2) Bretton Woods o End of Cold War: all these institutions are either in disarray of failing - suggested move from 1980s: neoliberal economics and state o Rise of fascism, terrorism, eco meltdown - Similarities to the present? The Debt Crisis: The Debt crisis continues today - Developed country debt: $2 trillion - Nearly $400 billion owed by the world’s poorest countries - Africa’s debtor states owe over $200 billion - Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs) o 23 States = 19 African
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March 9 Lecture - March 9 Lecture Where is Globalization...

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