March 16 Lecture

Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda

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March 16 Lecture: Global Politics: Cyber Threats Information and Technology: Information as state power: - Positive view: o states want access to information – knowing what’s going on – CNN has more foreign offices than US has embassies o states being transparent – Obama’s approach - Negative view: states control and produce information o Sanitization and Nintendo-ization of war = like a video game o Gather data on citizens, etc. for various purposes – including sale to private companies and individuals o Disseminate propaganda – Rwanda’s Interhamwe Information as non-state actors’ power: - Corporations: o Own main infrastructure o Generating information o Driver of the ‘information’ economy - Non-governmental organizations: o Websites to inform people o Coordinate international activities o Gather data on human rights, environment, or other concerns and produce reports to force states into action - Cyberattacks: o Computer-to-computer attacks on the Internet o Rapid growth + volume of attacks = check the book
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March 16 Lecture - March 16 Lecture Global Politics Cyber...

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