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March 23 Lecture

Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda

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March 23 Lecture: Environment : Some Issues: - Climate changes – Global warming (ozone depletion) - Industrialization - Acid Rain - Nuclear and toxic waste - Deforestation and land degradation o Rain forests: being burned or harvested, but are needed to reduce carbon dioxide and replenishing oxygen – size of England per year o Desertification – Sahara 5-6km/yr - Resource access: o Fertilizable soil o Fresh water > shortage of clean drinkable water seriously possibility of conflict – Middle East; Canada and US; India and Bangladesh; Brazil and Am. States Debt: Connections : - Export raw materials = generate currency for debt payment - Land management practices compromised = agri-business – Amazon - Structural Adjustment Programs do not take into account environmental consequences – national-level issue – focus: eco $ = commodify environment - Foreign investment = reduce/eliminate environmental regulations – ‘race to the bottom’? Problems : - Rural landless poor: environmentally destructive and economically
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Unformatted text preview: unstable existences [Amazon]-Affluent urban centers: waste management [London, Toronto]-Short-term economic program or stimulus not sustainable over long-term [enviro tourism] Options: Debt-for-nature-swap-Debtor state, creditor organization and donor agency agreements-Donor buys debt creditor-Donor and debtor agree that debtor will use some funds to manage environment, etc.-Debtor has to ensure local population complies with agreement-Win-win-win (?): creditor gets some return on loan; debtor gets preservation or management of ecological system Why Political?-Why are these political problems? o Tragedy of the commons o Garrett Hardin o We all need it o Who will take care? o Defection o Individual overuse vs. communal misuse-Solutions are scientifically complex and debatable o Politics has an impact on the science – research not neutral or without “costs” o Difficult to promote or sustain politically o Costly --$, assets, humans (Tim Cups)...
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March 23 Lecture - unstable existences[Amazon-Affluent...

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