January 19 MOS Lecture

January 19 MOS Lecture - Cross Culture Literacy: Can you do...

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Jan 19 Lecture Culture: Culture Norms and Value Systems: Religion, political philosophy, economic philosophy, education, language, social structure Do these factors make globalization: Stronger or weaker? Easier of more difficult? Implications? Culture and the Workplace: How a society’s culture affects values found in the workplace – important to international business with operations in different countries 5 dimensions that summarized different cultures (Hofstede): 1. Power and Distance 2. Individualism versus collectivism 3. Uncertainty avoidance 4. Masculinity versus femininity 5. Long-term versus short-term orientation
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Unformatted text preview: Cross Culture Literacy: Can you do business with someone who’s culture you disagree with? Doing business in different cultures requires adaption (middle ground) to conform with – value systems and norms of that culture Adaption embraces all aspects of an international firm’s operations in a foreign country including:- the way deals are negotiated- the appropriate incentive and pay systems for salespeople- the structure of the organization- the name of the product- the tenor of relations between managers and employees...
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January 19 MOS Lecture - Cross Culture Literacy: Can you do...

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