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Unformatted text preview: January 21 Lecture Globalizations Cultural Consequences: 3 possible impacts on culture: Homogenization – bringing forth a standardized Western culture globally Polarization – cultural alternatives and resistance to Western norms Hybridization – culture borrows and incorporates elements from both views Some aspects and consequences of globalization are unclear, especially those aspects on culture not only does culture affect globalization, but globalization affects culture Features to Culture: (as well that globalization affects these aspects of culture) o Learned o Shared – formalized into laws and beliefs o Patterned – treating elders certain ways o Mutually constructed o Symbolic – hand over heart in anthems o Arbitrary – music is culturally different, give seats to elders o Internalized Contradicting Evidence: Supporting evidence: Where you are determines what culture you will have The Homogenization Thesis: - The Polarization Thesis: Supporting Evidence: o Different clash of cultures o Fundamentalist ideas of different things o We are more separate then we are together (strong separate cultures) - Contradicting Evidence: o Not a simple as us and them, good vs. evil o Language is the cornerstone of culture, how we share ideas As we eliminate languages, we are becoming closer - Hybridization Thesis: Supporting Evidence: o Always had trade and technology improvements, but this is different – a hybrid culture coming together o Blended cultural norms - Contradicting Evidence: o Small samples of this, but no evidence of this whole brand new idea o We have cultural pockets in Canada and the US - Conclusions and Implications: Can all of these be true? We see parts of all of these everywhere This uncertainty has many implications for business: risk ...
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