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MEM202ABETsyllabus - Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics...

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Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics MEM 202 Engineering Mechanics - Statics Fall 2006/07 Designation: Required Catalog Description : Covers intermediate static mechanics, an extension of the fundamental concepts and methods of static mechanics introduced in the freshmen course tDEC 111, and tDEC 113. Includes topics such as problem formulation and solution methods; two- and three-dimensional vector representation of forces, moments and couples; static equilibrium of particles, rigid bodies, and engineering structures; analysis of external and internal forces in structures via the methods of free-body diagrams; and properties of cross-sectional areas . Prerequisites : Sophomore standing; tDEC 111, tDEC 113 Textbook(s) and other required material: Required: "Engineering Mechanics - Statics" , by William F. Riley and Leroy D. Sturges. Second Edition, John Wiley and Sons, Inc ., ISBN 0-471-05333-3 Course Objectives: 1. Analyzed and calculate the resultants of system of forces and moments acting on a body (in 2- dimensions and 3-dimensions); 2.
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