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Chapter 3, Practice Quiz 2

Chapter 3, Practice Quiz 2 - 1 Which of the following is...

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Sheet1 Page 1 1) Which of the following is NOT a way in which IT value can realized? (1point) Impression management Productivity From the end customer Structure of competition Score: 1 Answer(s): Impression management 2) Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Solow made the now-famous quote: "We see computers everywhere except in restr Score: 1 Answer(s): False 3) The less value a company adds to a good or service in its value chain, the higher the price the company can charge. (1po Score: 1
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Sheet1 Page 2 Answer(s): False 4) Business processes are closely related to the concept of a value chain. (1point) Score: 1 Answer(s): True 5) According to Porter's five forces model, which of the following forces does NOT help determine industry profitability? (1po Rivalry among existing firms Bargaining power of customers Threat of substitutions Time of year Score: 1 Answer(s): Time of year 6) _____________ begins with an assessment of the fundamental characteristics and structure of an industry. (1point) Hiring practice Choice of company location
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