Chapter 9, Practice Quiz 2

Chapter 9, Practice Quiz 2 - Sheet1 Page 1 1) An...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 1) An organization could develop a competitive strategy supported through activities in the ______________. (1point) business processes system information system organizational model value chain Score: 0 Answer(s): value chain 2) Managing information systems effectively so that they support business objectives is not a difficult process. (1point) Score: 1 Answer(s): False 3) An enterprise architecture is usually a long document with many sections that includes diagrams, management policies, an Score: 1 Sheet1 Page 2 Answer(s): True 4) Some organizations have created a new job description, the enterprise engineer, to describe people who design the basic f Score: 0 Answer(s): False 5) MIS researchers have suggested that alignment should not be viewed as an ongoing process but on an individual case-by- Score: 0 Answer(s): False 6) Alignment remains a difficult issue for many firms, but one that can help provide competitive advantage for those firms willin Score: 1 Answer(s): True Sheet1...
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Chapter 9, Practice Quiz 2 - Sheet1 Page 1 1) An...

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