Chapter 10 - Understanding the IS Department (Summary Notes)

Chapter 10 - Understanding the IS Department (Summary...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10 Understanding the IS Department: Operations and Projects WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT T HE I T DEPARTMENT You need to know about the IT department for 2 principal reasons: 1. You need to understand the responsibilities and duties of the IT department so that you can be an effective consumer of its resources. If you understand what the IT department does and how it is organized, youll know better how to obtain the equipment, services, or systems you need. 2. You need to know about the functions of the IT department to be a better informed and effective manager or executive. WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT I T OPERAT IONS AND I T PROJECTS The IT department is generally responsible for providing IT services to the organizations through 2 basic activities: o Maintaining the current information technology infrastructure o Renewing and adapting the infrastructure to keep IT working effectively. IT operations the delivery of service, maintenance, protection, and management of IT infrastructure. IT projects the renewal and adaptation of IT infrastructure. The distinction between the two is important for many reasons, including: 1. Operational work and project work tend to attract 2 different types of IT professionals. o Operations professionals seek to specialize more deeply in particular technologies such as networking spets, operating system spets, database administrators, and hardware spets. o Project professionals have broad skills and often learn new technologies as they go since projects are temporary and often change. 2. There are also differences in the core practices that IT professionals in IT operations and IT projects recognize. o Within IT operations, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a well recognized collection of books providing a framework of best-practice approaches to IT operations. ITIL offers a large set of management procedures that are designed to support businesses in achieving value from IT operations. o Within IT projects, the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) developed by the project management institute, provides project managers, sponsors, and team leaders with a large array of accepted project management techniques and practices. PMI offers a certification called the project...
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Chapter 10 - Understanding the IS Department (Summary...

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