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Class Notes Feb 05

Class Notes Feb 05 - Announcements Friday February 5 2010...

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2/5/2010 1 Announcements: Friday, February 5, 2010 Homework WebAssign #5- Due Wednesday, February 10 at 8:00 AM Recitation Week 4 – “Acid/Base Properties” Lab 2- Buffers Complete prelab prior to recitation. Suggested Textbook Questions Continue Chapter 19 problems. Exam I Information Thursday, February 11, 2010 Time and Place: 7:30 pm, Coors Events Center Arrive between 7:00-7:10 pm Enter through the northwest entrance of the Events Center Pick up a lapboard as you enter Sit with your lab group in assigned area Bring NON-PROGRAMMABLE calculator, #2 pencil, eraser No cell phones or headphones Format: 20 multiple choice questions, 100 points, 80 minutes Help Session: Wednesday, February 10, 5 pm, CHEM 140 Format: Instructor will respond to student questions Posted on CULearn: Exam I Information Sheet Two practice exams and keys Study Sheet What is the concentration of a monoprotic weak acid analyte (HA) if 25.00 mL were titrated to the equivalence point with 20.00 mL of 0.250 M NaOH titrant? February 5, 2010 - CT#1 A. 0.100 M B. 0.150 M D. 0.250 M E. 2.00 M C. 0.200 M HA + OH - A - + H 2 O (20.00 mL)(0.250 M) = 5 mmol OH - added 1:1 stoichiometry so 5 mmol HA present 5 mmol HA/25.00 mL= 0.200 M HA Indicators- How can you tell that you have added enough titrant?
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