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Unformatted text preview: ere leans toward Northern sun in June and away from sun in December December 3 times more light energy in June times than in December than 30 Northern hemisphere summer Northern hemisphere winter 31 Global circulation of air: wind Three main factors 1. Uneven solar heating 2. Earth’s rotation and the Coriolis effect Earth rotates to the East One rotation per day 3. Continents and Topography 32 Not cause of wind: Big guy with big cheeks: 33 Atmospheric Circulation Cells The air that is heated most, around the equator, rises through the troposphere, hits the stratosphere, and instead of going on into space, starts moving laterally across the top of the troposphere. Up there, it cools. When it cools, it starts to sink. 34 Atmospheric Circulation Cell 35 Theoretical model of wind…if earth did not rotate BUT: Coriolis effect brakes up this pattern as we will see… 36 Video Link mcPs_OdQOYU (northern hemisphere – moves to the right) 37 Coriolis Effect 38 Coriolis Effect Quito is due south of Buffalo. 39 Quito is on equator: travels at 1036 mi/hr Buffalo is at 45 N: travels at 783 mi/hr So something moving north to south w...
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