Exam1 - Accountability 8-10 question Contract liability &...

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Accountability 8-10 question [Tort liability – Negligence or Fraud] * Fraud 1. Misrepresentation of ‘material’ fact 2. Justifiable reliance – something injury If you don’t have fraud, you can have constructive fraud = “reckless disregard consequences” You don’t have intent to deceive, but information gives you reckless disregard of the consequences. Courts falls that constructive fraud. “reckless disregard consequences” is more than negligence -Fraud is intentional tort. -Negligence is not intentional tort. Negligence – GAAP or GAAS - Compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and generally accepted auditing standards relieves an accountant of liability for negligence (False) You may have higher level based on your relationship with your client. *Third liability – Ultimares Doctrine 1. Privity Rule a. You would not liable of the third party because of the Privity contract between you and accountant not third party – you have no privity contract b. Accountant has some contact with a third party, even though they never contract with Bank Near Privity rule : even though you don’t know the contract with bank, but bank called you to tell the information. 2. Restatement a. Restatement came along instead of basically you do have a liability, basically, foreseen users. Anyone you know that intent to give to you. Anyone foreseen you know. Any foreseen (forecasted) users. b. Reasonably foreseeable that opens to anybody: any body who legally foreseeable.
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Exam1 - Accountability 8-10 question Contract liability &...

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