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AMSI NOTES 10-21-08 1671, Virginia, Buntley, released a brutal attack on the colonial press. 1674, Prince loosed the ties and made what became the free press. Until the 1900's the writer, publisher, and printer were all the same people. Intellectual freedom - Freedom to gain knowledge, read, right, and yeah. University presses - Publishes a lot of books, great or not. MAJOR PROBLEMS A challenge to a book is an attempt ot remove or restrict materials based upon objections of a perosn or group. A banning is the removal of those materials from a collection or required reading list. The reasons, in order of frequency of challenges: Sexually Explicit Material Offensive language Unsuited to a particular age group Occult theme or promoting Satanism Violent content Homosexual theme or promoting homosexuality Promoting a religious viewpoint
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Unformatted text preview: ● Nudity ● Racism ● Sex Education ● Anti-Family “ Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.” - Heinrich Heine Literacy: Illiteracy, Semi-Literacy, A-Literacy: 50% of the nation struggles with even the most basic reading skills. Literacy in Tennessee (53%) of the state struggles with the most basic reading skills. Crumbling Acidic Paper- Now way to fragile to handle Federal Government :Patriot Act vs. Libraries. ........ Internet Filtering/Pornography/Obscenity Internet and Information : Wikipedia, the flawed E-Encyclopedia. The Oxford English Dictionary in on the MTSU website and is free. High Tech : Every book in the world, Microsoft's project Gutenberg, Sony E-reader and Amazon Kindle, BOOK GLUT: A new book is published every 30 minutes. About 1 million books are purchased a year, Are they read?...
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