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Exam 4 Engineering Cells 1. Which of the following describes a goal of systems biology as it was discussed in class? A. Learning about how cells are “wired” B. Building cells from the bottom, up C. Using microarrays D. None of the above 2. Which of the following is TRUE about systems biology? A. Some people think that systems biology will significantly transform health care. B. The scientific problems in systems biology are big. Finding ways to simplify them is key. C. Genome sequences are critical starting points for systems inquiry. D. All of the above. 3. Microarrays are used in systems biology to measure which of these cellular elements? A. Metabolites. B. Proteins. C. Gene expression. D. None of the above. 4. Which of the following technologies are being developed to make measurements of biological systems? A. Microfluidics B. Functionalized nano wires C. Nano cantilevers D. All of the above 5. What type of information was used to simplify the problem of learning a regulatory influence network for
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BIM001_Engineering_Cells_Exam_4 - BIM 001 Exam 4...

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