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Organic Chemistry I 310/318M Pre-Health Professionals Unique numbers: 54410, 54435, 54440, 54445, and 54655 Prof. Jonathan L. Sessler Lecture 6 Notes: 1st homework due at the start of class today. 2nd homework (on Blackboard) due in one week! Wel 2.308 -- New room for Monday 11 am recitation TIPS tutoring every Monday 7-9 pm
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Atomic Orbitals of Hydrogen Review 1s and 2s orbitals • Used as model for all atoms • Atomic orbitals have characteristic shapes • In an artist’s rendition of an atomic orbital, a surface is drawn which contains most of the probability (e.g., ~90%) of finding the electron at a given time . •Nodes in the orbitals (3-dimensional wave) are points or planes of zero probability of finding the electron. •The simplest atomic orbitals are spherical in shape and are called s orbitals. The lowest energy s orbital is the 1s orbital (left, A & B). The next highest in energy is the 2s orbital (right, A & B).
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