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Quiz Chapter 1 AGVM - MGT 301 Operations Management Fall...

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MGT 301 Operations Management Name: Alban Mariau Fall 2008 3 /40 + 5 pts 97.5% Instructor: D. Kurt Haskell Quiz: Chapter 1 1. All organizations, including service firms such as banks and hospitals, have a production function. True False 2. Operations management is the set of activities that create value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs. True False 3. The operations manager performs the management activities of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling of the OM function. True False 4. How much inventory of this item should we have?" is within the critical decision area of managing quality. True False 5. Customer interaction is often high for manufacturing processes, but low for services. True False 6. Productivity is more difficult to improve in the service sector. True False 7. Manufacturing now constitutes the largest economic sector in postindustrial societies. True False 8. In the past half-century, the number of people employed in manufacturing has more or less held steady, but each manufacturing employee is manufacturing about 20 times as much. True False 9. Productivity is the total value of all inputs to the transformation process divided by the total value of the outputs produced. True False 10. Measuring the impact of a capital acquisition on productivity is an example of multi-factor productivity. True False 11. Ethical and social dilemmas arise because stakeholders of a business have conflicting perspectives. True False
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12. Operations management is applicable a. mostly to the service sector b. to services exclusively c. mostly to the manufacturing sector d. to all firms, whether manufacturing and service e. to the manufacturing sector exclusively 13. Which of the following are the primary functions of all organizations? a. operations, marketing, and human resources b. marketing, human resources, and finance/accounting c. sales, quality control, and operations d. marketing, operations, and finance/accounting e. research and development, finance/accounting, and purchasing 14. Budgeting, paying the bills, and collection of funds are activities associated with the a. management function b. control function c. finance/accounting function d. production/operations function e. staffing function 15. Which of the following would not be an operations function in a fast-food restaurant? a. advertising and promotion b. designing the layout of the facility c. maintaining equipment d. making hamburgers and fries e. purchasing ingredients 16. The marketing function's main concern is with a. producing goods or providing services b. procuring materials, supplies, and equipment
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Quiz Chapter 1 AGVM - MGT 301 Operations Management Fall...

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