Function of Dreams

Function of Dreams - session. 2. If a dream means something...

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Function of Dreams Emergency Broadcast System/Practice 1. Through dreams, people rehearse how they would react in a real situation. 2. Dreams tend to be more positive as the night moves on. 3. Dreams later at night/early morning are more likely to be recalled Learning 1. Dreaming enhances what has been learned, physically and mentally 2. Ex: Gymnasts who learned a new routine spent more time in REM sleep that night. Problem Solving at Night 1. Visual problems get help from dreaming. Ex: How to fit furniture in apartment. 2. Dreams about unfinished business can help to solve a problem: talking to friend about argument. 3. Can provide insight without the stress trying to get insight Problem Solving During the Day 1. Dreams can be the ‘back door’ into a person’s mind during a therapy
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Unformatted text preview: session. 2. If a dream means something to you, the situation that it represents means something to you. Traumatic Events Ernest Hatmann (Tufts) 1. Studied the dreams the same people before and after 9/11 2. Post 9/11 there was no decrease or increase in the amount of positive or neg dreams. 3. EEGs demonstrated a higher intensity in dreams and more ANS activity Other Post Traumatic Stress Disorders 1. Dreams are a marker for how much stress a post traumatic stress disorder victim is experiencing. 2. Dreams that mimic even indicate the patient is stuck in the event. Mental Illness 1. Schizophrenics have a poor quality of dreams. 2. They dream about objects rather then people 3. Schizophrenia: split from reality...
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Function of Dreams - session. 2. If a dream means something...

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