Quiz 11 Alban Mariau-G

Quiz 11 Alban Mariau-G - MGT 301: Operations Management...

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MGT 301: Operations Management Name: Alban Mariau Fall 2008 Instructor: Kurt Haskell 5/40 87.5 Quiz: Chapter 11 Due: Sunday: Nov 16, 12 AM 1. Operations managers are finding online auctions a fertile area for disposing of discontinued inventory. True False 2. Even though a firm may have a low cost strategy, supply chain strategy can select suppliers primarily on response or differentiation. True False 3. The supply chain for a brewery would include raw ingredients such as hops and barley but not the manufactured goods such as bottles and cans. True False 4. Supply chain management faces additional challenges, such as those related to quality production and distribution systems, when companies enter growing global markets. True False 5. A reduction in inventory costs is one reason for making rather than buying. True False 6. Outsourcing is a form of specialization that allows the outsourcing firm to focus on its critical success factors. True False 7. Because the supply chain has become so electronic and automated, opportunities for unethical behavior have been greatly reduced. True False 8. Developing long-term, "partnering" relationships with a few suppliers is a long-standing American purchasing strategy. True False 9. Vertical integration, whether forward or backward, requires the firm to become more specialized. True False
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10. A fast-food retailer that acquired a spice manufacturer would be practicing backward integration. True False 11. Keiretsus offer a middle ground between few suppliers and vertical integration. True False 12. Vendor Managed Inventory is a form of outsourcing. True False 13. One classic type of negotiation strategy is the market-based price model. True False 14. The supply chain management opportunity called postponement involves delaying deliveries to avoid accumulation of inventory at the customer's site. True False 15. Blanket orders are a long-term purchase commitment to a supplier for items that are to be delivered against short-term releases to ship. True
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Quiz 11 Alban Mariau-G - MGT 301: Operations Management...

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