A new image of country music

A new image of country music - and the underprivileged •...

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Mark Zellner Music 360 Due October 1 A new image of country music Audience: Current college and university students Introductory Paragraph In toadies society a college student views the image of county music diffrantly, than what was viewed ten years ago. Thesis Statement: Country music today has influences many lives; however, the image that country music generates has been an optimistic image for our culture. Students have easier access to purchase county music. o Do not know the history of County Music o Urban America Reason #4 = County Music way of expression Most artist seem to be writing there music towards college age industry. County artistes have experience in there life’s. Transition Reason #3 = Music is the universal language. Country music has been the music of the blue-collar workers
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Unformatted text preview: and the underprivileged. • Country songwriters have been unwilling to talk, country fans have been more than willing to listen. Transition Reason #2 = Listening to country • iTunes, iPod, county music has become easer to access, and student listen to county music more today then in the last five year. • Everybody listen country music remind them of a time Transition Reason #1 = Giving comfort • Many songs bring influences in its past. • Several of the new R&B, rap hits is base off of old county tunes. Transition Concluding Paragraph • These are some way that County Music has changed the image of the industry • Overall the image of County music has a healthier representation....
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A new image of country music - and the underprivileged •...

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