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Draft Paper.Mark Zellner - Mark Zellner Music 360 October...

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Mark Zellner Music 360 October 30 The Image of Country Music During the past seventy years, country music has gone through many changes. On the other hand, country music has always dealt with real issues of ordinary people. Country music comes from simple stories of everyday life. Country was once limited to the rural South and Southwest but is now successful throughout all of the United States. Ching said “Country music has the fastest growing audience in America, but it's still”. There are many students that enjoy country music, but many of them rather to admit to liking it. Country music has an image that attracts many different people from almost every background. Country artists might appear in normal attire or-scandalizes suits, the message is the same. Country music purposely cultivates a lack of sophistication through parody and humor, The first country artists became widely known and achieved popularity in the late 1920’s. The two most important figures at this time were Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter family. The Carter family of Virginia sang traditional Appalachian material to a guitar and autoharp accompaniment. Jimmie C. Rodgers was a Mississippi railroad man whose style reflected more widespread influences, including the blues, and who was famous for his yodeling chorus ends. Jimmie Rodgers was called “The Singing Brake- man”, “America’s Blue Yodeler", but most critically "the Father of Country Music". These
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Draft Paper.Mark Zellner - Mark Zellner Music 360 October...

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