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Note Sheet Chapter Five Mark Zellner Chapter 5: IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies As information becomes a valuable resource of the digital firm, the infrastructure used to care for the resource takes on added importance. We'll examine all of the components that comprise today's and tomorrow's IT Infrastructure and how best to manage it. We've come so far so quickly in the evolution of technology. From massive, expensive mainframe computers to inexpensive, hand-held devices, the evolution and revolution continues. There are seven major components of a modern IT infrastructure: Hardware platforms, operating system platforms, enterprise software applications, data management and storage, networking/telecommunications platforms, Internet
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Unformatted text preview: platforms, and consulting and system integration services. Melding them into a cohesive system that adequately serves the digital corporation is difficult but the rewards are many. • The Window on Management: On-Demand Computing at Qantas Airways and Ford Motor Company Europe (see p. 206 of the text) examines the trend towards utility computing at two major corporations. It demonstrates how much cheaper and easier it is for these companies to manage their IT infrastructure. • The four major themes in contemporary software platform evolution – Linux and open-source software; Java; Web services and service-oriented architecture; and software outsourcing; are providing companies new options in IT infrastructure technologies....
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5Note Sheet - platforms and consulting and system...

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