Chapter 2 - Faster Processes describes how several...

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Mark Zellner Chapter 2: Global E-Business: How Businesses Use Information Systems As I said in Ch 1, the “digital firm “means more than just putting down computers that have all the latest bells and whistles. The digital firm must connect each functional area and each management level to one another. Major Types of Systems in Organizations Transaction processing system records the data from everyday operations throughout every division or department in the organization. Each division/department is tied together through the TPS to provide useful information to management levels throughout the company. The Window on Organizations: Product Life Cycle Management Systems: Faster Products,
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Unformatted text preview: Faster Processes describes how several companies, from truck manufacturers to jewelry producers, use product life cycle management (PLM) systems to help them manage their manufacturing and production processes. Each functional area of an organization has unique information system needs at each level of management. A well-designed, well-constructed information system will serve each functional area according to its needs. A management information system is used by managers throughout the organization to help them in directing, planning, coordinating, communicating, and decision making. The MIS will help answer structured questions on a periodic basis....
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Chapter 2 - Faster Processes describes how several...

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