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Mark Zellner Information system and organizations influence other, as well as medicines factors of the organization such as structure, business processes, polities, culture, surroundings environment and management decisions. An organization over time has a set procedure of social workings and responsibilities that can be abruptly changed and disrupted with the change of the introduction of new technology and information systems. The technical and behavioral definition of organization complement each other, the technical definition tell us how thousands of firms in competitive markets combine, labor, and information technology to create output where the behavioral market take us inside the individual firms to see how that technology affects the organization inner workings All firms over time create routines, or standers operations procedures, which are praise rules procedures, and practices that have seen developed to cope with virtually all expected situation as these routines become more efficient, they are more productive and it reduces cost aka business cost. For some jobs, it's better to employ technology than to employ a person. Technology can reduce costs and
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