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Assignment 1(2) - Maple T.A Gradebook...

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Assignment detail for Po-Wei Chuang in Assignment 1: Po-Wei Chuang Login: pchuang Email: [email protected] Student ID: 20260696 Assignments completed: 9 Assignments active: 0 Question Grade 1 An accumulation function A K (t) is such that for all positive integers t, it is given by 1000*(1+i) t for a certain i, and linear interpolation is used to determine its value in between integers t. Given that A K (2) = 1,360, find A K (1.4). Your Answer: 1243.71 Correct Answer: 1243.71 Comment: Find i=(1,360/1000)^0.5 and then A K (1.4)=1000*(1+i)*(1+(1.4-1)*i). Instructors Comment: 1.0 2 A principal amount of K grows to 1,960 after 2 years based on a simple interest rate of i, and after 4 years, it grows to 2,286.67. Determine the value K.
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Assignment 1(2) - Maple T.A Gradebook...

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