Assignment 4(3)

Assignment 4(3) - Maple T.A Gradebook...

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System Homepage » Class Homepage » Student Details » Student Assignment Details ActSci 231 W09 : Gradebook Welcome Po-Wei Chuang [ My Profile ] Assignment detail for Po-Wei Chuang in Assignment 4: Po-Wei Chuang Login: pchuang Email: [email protected] Student ID: 20260696 Assignments completed: 9 Assignments active: 0 Question Grade 1 Dr. Hillary Street began making contributions to a new retirement account on her 26 th birthday. She made a contribution of $4,000 on her birthday each year through to her 66 th birthday. Starting at age 67 and continuing through her 78 th birthday, she made a level withdrawal on her birthday. Find the amount of these withdrawals if they completely exhaust the balance in her account, and the annual effective interest rate is 6.1% until she is 67, then 5.4% thereafter. Your Answer: 6555.08 Correct Answer: 78,698.2231±0.05 Comment: 4,000*((1+0.061)^41-1)/(0.061/(1+0.061))=y*(1-(1/(1+0.054))^12)/(0.054/(1+0.054))solve for y Instructors Comment: 0.0 2 Find the present value to the nearest dollar on January 1 of an annuity which pays $1,500 every
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Assignment 4(3) - Maple T.A Gradebook...

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