chemsyllabus - Chemistry 105bL Spring 2010 Lecturer Office...

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Chemistry 105bL Spring 2010 10am, 11am lectures Lecturer Lab Coordinator Course Coordinator WebQuiz Coordinator Dr. Jessica Parr Dr. Michael Quinlan Dr. Elizabeth Erickson Dr. Bruno Herreros Office SGM 304 (213)821-6614 SGM 220 (213)740-8265 SGM 223 (213)740-7027 N/A e-mail Office hours Tu 9-11 and 1-3 TuTh 9-11 MTuW 1:30-3, Th 1-2 and by appt N/A Lectures: 10 am or 11 MWF in SGM 123 Textbooks: Chemistry (7th edition) by Zumdahl (required). The Solutions Manual is optional. Laboratory Manual by USC General Chemistry Program (required, purchase in the USC bookstore, bring to Lab Orientation) Math Survival Guide by Appling (optional, suggested) Calculator: The only calculator permitted during Chem 105a/105b exams is the Casio FX-260 Solar . No other models or brands of calculators are allowed. Do not ask your TA, the course staff or the professor if alternative calculators are permitted. Grading: Clickers 50 points Web Quizzes (graded online) 10 @ 10 points 100 points One-hour exams (total of four) 4 @ 100 points 400 points Laboratory 1 @ 210 points 210 points Final Exam 1 @ 200 points 200 points Total: ~960 points All labs must be performed and all reports must be submitted to receive a passing grade. Any student earning less than 50% of the course points (<480 points) will fail the course. Midterm grade An approximate letter grade will be assigned by the end of the seventh week, usually based on your performance in your first two exams, to give you an idea of your status in the course. The letter grade you receive at mid-term is no guarantee of your final grade. Final grades will be assigned using guidelines established in previous semesters, but there is no strict grading curve. Exams: There will be four 1-hour exams given during the scheduled quiz sessions on certain Thursdays (see page 3) at 3:30 p.m. in rooms to be announced . The material covered on each exam will be announced in lectures prior to that exam. Bring an ID, Casio FX-260 Solar calculator, pens, and a watch (if desired) . All other electronic devices such as cell phones are prohibited and cannot be used for any purpose during the exam, including keeping time . Exams should be written in non-erasable ink (no pencil, no white-out) . The one-hour time period will be strictly enforced. No one will be allowed to enter the exam room late or to leave early. An answer key for each exam will be posted after the exam on the Chem 105b web page. Graded exams will be returned to you by your T.A. during your scheduled lab or during your T.A.'s office hours. It is important that you learn your T.A.'s full name and write it on all papers you turn in. If you find a substantial grading error, please follow the procedure on regrading outlined below. The exams are given only at the scheduled time. There are no makeup exams. You cannot take exams at any other time . Final Exam:
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chemsyllabus - Chemistry 105bL Spring 2010 Lecturer Office...

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