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DQ#1 “Open this envelope and you’ll get a check for three million dollars, if your name appears on our list of winners”. This example affects me because it plays on the emotion and rash decisions that people as a whole make. This is a classic example of the “read the fine print”. While the catch phrase “…if your name appears on our list of winners” is not exactly in small print, the intent is the same. The authors want you to be so excited about reading the phrase “Open this envelope and you’ll get a check for three million dollars” that the last phrase with the stipulation will go right over your
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Unformatted text preview: head and not even be recognized. This is a ploy that is used in a lot of online pop-up ads and other mailers that you get in the physical mail. I think people usually seem to focus on the carrot at the end of the stick without realizing how far they have to walk to finally get it. In this specific situation, the reader most likely opens the envelope and sees a list of names, then re-reads the stipulation, sends in $20 to get their name put on a list, and then receives another envelope without their name on it....
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