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Argument Credibility Checkpoint “LA Man Upset over job kills wife, 5 kids, himself” By: Thomas Watkins The claims that are being made are that a man who fatally shot his wife and his five young children and then he killed himself. The claims conflict with my personal observations because how would you kill your family and then yourself. I would not do that at all; if I lose my job instead I would look for jobs or solutions for my problem but not kill my family and then myself. That would not be a reasonable solution for my problem. The background information I have about the claims are, Ervin Lupoe, (the murdered) wrote in a letter posted late Tuesday, January
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Unformatted text preview: 27, 2009 on the KABC-TV Website. On his letter Ervin Lupoe claimed him and his wife both had been fired from their hospital jobs and that she suggested that they should kill themselves and their children too, as a final escape for the whole family. Ervin Lupoe say on his letter, “Why leave our children in someone else hands.” The author has no expertise about this tragedy news. I think the author was unbiased trustworthy because he or she explains everything with detail about the murdered....
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