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DQ#2 This message contains many mistakes such as grammar. In my personal opinion, I think this message is not very well written because there are many areas of ambiguity vagueness within the text. The author seems to jump around from thought to thought without explaining his thinking process, or not even using evidence to support his points. His writing is very vague at some points for example, “ She is smart and a better writer than my uncle who is a businessman ”. Why is the aunt a better writer than the uncle? Is this because she is a professor and instructs others on writing. I think the whole message in general is not grammatically correct, which when reading
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Unformatted text preview: is the same as listening to a conversation with someone who cannot construct a complete sentence. For example, “ has to write business rapports which can build report and be inter personal” , I think this should be written as “has to write business reports which can build rapport and be interpersonal ”. Almost every individual sentence can be taken as a separate talking point; after writing this, Owen should re-read what he has written and analyze every sentence and think where he can go with that message....
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