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Taking a position Checkpoint - money because she said she...

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Taking a position Checkpoint The key issue from the comic strip is an ethical issue about salary. Tanya is talking to her friend Anita about how they can raise up their salary. Tanya told Anita that they both have access to the system to rise up their salaries by themselves without anybody noticing. Tanya told Anita that she raised her pay and nobody found out. Tanya told Anita she should do it too, but Anita is afraid that somebody may notice. Finally, Anita decided not to do it and she called the HR to report what the employees were doing. I think Anita suspended judgments before taking a position because she was confused; she did not know what to do at first. She knew it was wrong but at the same time she need it the
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Unformatted text preview: money because she said she was broke. So, she was between doing it and not doing it. Anita used her position based on a moral value judgment because since the beginning she could not believe that her friend was doing that. She definitely knew it was a really bad thing to do. She solved the problem by taking action as a result of taking the position she did, because it seems she thought it twice before making a decision because she knew it was wrong but at the same time she was broke (she did not have money). She decided not to do it and take action of the situation....
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