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[í�´ì»¤ì�¤í� ì�µ]2006ë� - 2006 년 5...

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Unformatted text preview: 2006 년 5 월 토익 토익 토익 토익 기출 기출 기출 기출 변형 변형 변형 변형 문제 문제 문제 문제 101. Mr. Rogers left his contact information so that the agent could notify ------- when a seat on the flight becomes available. (A) himself (B) he (C) him (D) his 102. To get to the office headquarters from his branch, Tom could go ------- by subway or by company car. (A) unless (B) either (C) both (D) without 103. Have the secretary notify all of the staff that performance ------- of employees will be done over the course of next week. (A) reviewed (B) reviews (C) reviewer (D) reviewers 104. By the end of the year, all administrators will need to ------- one of three training workshops sponsored by the company. (A) attend (B) continue (C) decide (D) regard 105. Nextile Fabrics is an emerging corporation ------- to make a reputation for itself in the industry. (A) simple (B) common (C) easy (D) eager 106. Each member of the planning board was assigned ------- tasks in preparation for the charity banquet. (A) specific (B) specifics (C) specify (D) specifying 107. Ms. Bowers should type a statement ------ the president prepares to address the media about possible franchising. (A) also (B) than (C) moreover (D) while 108. The distributors are becoming less timely as ------- continue to expand their market internationally. (A) they (B) themselves (C) them (D) their Copyright www.HackersTOEIC.com All rights reserved. 2006 년 5 월 토익 토익 토익 토익 기출 기출 기출 기출 변형 변형 변형 변형 문제 문제 문제 문제 109. The manager has sent every member of the local business association an ------- to join her for an informal discussion. (A) expression (B) ovation (C) invitation (D) honor 110. The factory ------- increased orders in light of the recent close-down of its top competing supplier. (A) anticipates (B) anticipation (C) anticipate (D) anticipatory 111. Recent renovations of the downtown district are anticipated to ------- visitors to the area. (A) capture (B) observe (C) attract (D) value 112. The project coordinator has guaranteed that the plans will be ------- drawn up by the end of the week. (A) complete (B) completing (C) completion (D) completely 113. Beginning next year, any checked out software manuals will be ------- within five days in order to avoid losing materials. (A) due (B) owing (C) payable (D) mature 114. Following her resignation, Ms. Callaway will undoubtedly be remembered by the many employees she helped with ------- sharp knowledge of data systems. (A) her (B) hers (C) she (D) herself 115. To take ------- of the upcoming sale, shoppers should be waiting at the store at least one hour prior to opening....
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This note was uploaded on 03/24/2010 for the course ME 031 taught by Professor Kim during the Winter '10 term at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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[í�´ì»¤ì�¤í� ì�µ]2006ë� - 2006 년 5...

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