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2006 4 101. By anyone's standards, the executive manager, Mrs. Carlson, is an ------- member of the local community. (A) admire (B) admirable (C) admirably (D) admiration 102. Completion of the new financial towers took much ------- than the contractors had originally estimated. (A) easier (B) higher (C) longer (D) stronger 103. Supervisors ------- have completed the daily tasks should spend their time reading books on efficient management. (A) who (B) whoever (C) whose (D) which 104. In anticipation of the inevitable merger with Brown Plastics, more representatives are ------- to travel to Europe to meet with the potential partners next week. (A) delivered (B) increased (C) scheduled (D) established 105. Human Resources makes sure to strictly ------- the public records of every applicant to ensure there is no criminal background. (A) check (B) checks (C) checking (D) checked 106. The marketing team has spent weeks working ------- a strategy for the advertisement of the new beauty line. (A) of (B) to (C) on (D) about 107. Employees continuing their contracts with the company will have their pension plans ------- renewed each year. (A) automated (B) automatic (C) automate (D) automatically 108. The company's administrative department reserves the ------- to modify policies as necessary without the consent of the employees. (A) will (B) right (C) sale (D) trial Copyright www.HackersTOEIC.com All rights reserved.
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2006 4 109. Employees are asked to hand in ------- time cards to the secretary on the last day of every week. (A) they (B) their (C) theirs (D) themselves 110. Given that the first shipment goes smoothly, we plan to ------- orders solely with that distributor. (A) cause (B) contact (C) place (D) elect 111. Bad feelings developed between the company's different departments due to the ------- surrounding the disbursement of allocated annual project funds. (A) confuse (B) confused (C) confusing (D) confusion 112. Before the speaker ------- her presentation on the impacts of global trade, the conference participants should be introduced to the evening's agenda. (A) begin (B) begins (C) beginning (D) began 113. Due to the retirement this year of many senior officials, the HR newsletter ------- has many openings listed. (A) ever (B) only (C) quickly (D) currently 114. Harry's Trucks recently ------- the expansion of its dealership nationwide, beginning on the eastern coast. (A) committed
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[í�´ì»¤ì�¤í� ì�µ]2006ë� - 2006 4 101....

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