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[í�´ì»¤ì�¤í� ì�µ]2006ë� - 2006 1 101...

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2006 1 101. Because her secretary was out of the office yesterday, Mrs. Sands had to take the calls by ------- . (A) hers (B) she (C) her (D) herself 102. The back-up server is tested ------- to ensure that it is running properly. 103. Discount ------- for the weekend’s performance are available at the community center. 104. All those taking part in the Market Strategy Workshop are expected to complete the satisfaction ------- . 105. According to local reports, neither the president ------- the head executive attended the company’s media release. (A) except (B) nor (C) so (D) besides 106. Officials estimate that there have been ------- 50 people participating in the survey. 107. Current research shows that people who work night shifts spend more money on ------- hobbies. 108. Extra canisters of oil are ------- for those driving along the country’s long expressway. Copyright www.HackersTOEIC.com All rights reserved.
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2006 1 109. The committee chairs at Global Networks would like to extend their gratitude to their employees for their dedication ------- loyalty to the company. (A) as (B) and (C) but (D) yet 110. Results from the automotive producer’s test drive will be released ------- the next few weeks. 111. Anyone ------- in the scandal is being brought into the precinct for investigation. 112. Deciding on a computer can be a difficult choice ------- of the many different brands available. 113. For years, Cargill Grain has been pulling ahead of the competition, and now is the nation’s ------- producer. (A) strongly (B) strength (C) strongest (D) most strongly
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[í�´ì»¤ì�¤í� ì�µ]2006ë� - 2006 1 101...

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