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[í�´ì»¤ì�¤í� ì�µ]2006ë� - 2006 1 101...

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Unformatted text preview: 2006 1 101. Because her secretary was out of the office yesterday, Mrs. Sands had to take the calls by ------- . (A) hers (B) she (C) her (D) herself 102. The back-up server is tested ------- to ensure that it is running properly. (A) lately (B) truly (C) frequently (D) relatively 103. Discount ------- for the weekend’s performance are available at the community center. (A) ticket (B) tickets (C) ticketing (D) ticketed 104. All those taking part in the Market Strategy Workshop are expected to complete the satisfaction ------- . (A) form (B) receipt (C) bill (D) claim 105. According to local reports, neither the president ------- the head executive attended the company’s media release. (A) except (B) nor (C) so (D) besides 106. Officials estimate that there have been ------- 50 people participating in the survey. (A) approximate (B) approximation (C) approximately (D) approximated 107. Current research shows that people who work night shifts spend more money on ------- hobbies. (A) them (B) their (C) theirs (D) they 108. Extra canisters of oil are ------- for those driving along the country’s long expressway. (A) committed (B) recommended (C) contended (D) behaved Copyright www.HackersTOEIC.com All rights reserved. 2006 1 109. The committee chairs at Global Networks would like to extend their gratitude to their employees for their dedication ------- loyalty to the company. (A) as (B) and (C) but (D) yet 110. Results from the automotive producer’s test drive will be released ------- the next few weeks. (A) in (B) by (C) with (D) from 111. Anyone ------- in the scandal is being brought into the precinct for investigation. (A) involving (B) involved (C) involve (D) involves 112. Deciding on a computer can be a difficult choice ------- of the many different brands available. (A) nevertheless (B) however (C) because (D) owing 113. For years, Cargill Grain has been pulling ahead of the competition, and now is the nation’s ------- producer. (A) strongly (B) strength (C) strongest (D) most strongly 114. There are a number of copy shops ------- located around the corner from the exhibition hall. (A) marginally (B) gradually (C) quickly (D) conveniently 115. Microtel will be ------- their new portable hard drive device in this month’s IT magazine....
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This note was uploaded on 03/24/2010 for the course ME 031 taught by Professor Kim during the Winter '10 term at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

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[í�´ì»¤ì�¤í� ì�µ]2006ë� - 2006 1 101...

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