Exam 1 Review - Review Sheet for Exam I, Biology 1406 For...

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Review Sheet for Exam I, Biology 1406 For further review questions, go to www.mhhe.com/raven7 on the Web; go to the Online Learning Center within this site. You can find practice quiz questions, a glossary of terms, an outline of each chapter, as well as a synopsis of each chapter, with diagrams. This review is fairly thorough. If you know all this information, you should do well on the exam. Make sure that you have studied your class notes as well as the textbook, chapters 1-3. TERMS TO KNOW: deductive reasoning compound hydrolysis inductive reasoning chemical bonds amino acid hypothesis ionic bonds peptide bond experiment ionic compound polypeptides control experiment covalent bonds domain variable double bonds chaperone proteins theory single bonds denaturation Charles Darwin triple bonds dissociation Malthus structural formulas deoxyribonucleic acid natural selection molecular formulas ribonucleic acid artificial selection chemical reaction nucleotides Alfred Russel Wallace reactants nucleic acid homologous products double helix analogous electronegativity phospholipids cell theory polar molecules triglyceride Robert Hooke hydrogen bonds triacylglycerol Schleiden and Schwann cohesion saturated matter adhesion unsaturated atoms surface tension polyunsaturated electrons specific heat carbohydrates protons heat of vaporization monosaccharides
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Exam 1 Review - Review Sheet for Exam I, Biology 1406 For...

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