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1 A WAY TO PEACE A Way to Peace: Civilizations Unity Lamya Mahmoud American University of Sharjah
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A WAY TO PEACE A Way to Peace: Civilizations Unity Nye’s article “To Any Would-Be Terrorists” (n.d.), was a call for people, Arabs and Americans, Muslims, Christians and Jews, to believe in integration of different cultures and religions. In other words, it reveals her aim for global unity where people should accept the fact that globalization has brought all nations together. Moreover, the author shows her frustration from all those combats taking place between different civilizations, emphasizing the event of 11/9, which gave a false representation of the Middle East. As the article’s name implies, Arabs in the Middle East are now thought of as “terrorists” because of the 11/9 incident. Despite the article’s monotony, Nye has successfully conveyed her message through establishing common ground, reviewing few but significant facts and achieving fairness. To begin with, Nye’s repetitiveness style of writing makes the article less appealing to readers. To put it differently, her use of the same sentence structure all through the article creates monotony and makes the article sound like a report rather than a persuasive piece of writing. For instance, Nye narrates, “He came to the United States as a college student. He is 74 years old now . . . He has planted fig trees. He has invited all the Ethiopians in his neighborhood . . . He has written columns and stories saying the Arabs are not terrorists” (p. 366). The author’s purpose of giving a glimpse of her father’s life, who is Arabic, is to fix Arab’s reputation. Using her father as an example, Nye shows her readers that Arabs are gentle people and are not against socializing with people of different backgrounds. The information given about her father might not seem of great significance, however, it gives an effective impression about Arabs. Even though the author introduces important facts from her father’s life, the way she presents those facts
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critique4 - 1 A WAY TO PEACE A Way to Peace Civilizations...

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