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MIS 201 Pike’s Place Case Video Analysis Omowunmi Anat Akangbe g00035080 Modinat Aderonke Odulana g00034842 INTRODUCTIONAL SUMMARY At Seattle’s Pike Fish Place, founded in 1930, in Seattle Washington, they are world famous and have an impact on the world which they never thought possible, receiving approximately 10,000 visitors daily. But it wasn’t always like this. John Yokoyama started out as the owner of the business, but as a new entrant into the management world, he had problems with managing employees, acting as a tyrannical boss to get things done. It got to the extent where the business was almost forced to shut down in 1974. For these changes to occur they had to make major changes to their business strategy and culture with the help of a new consultant, Jim Bergquist, now turned owner of the company. TABLE OF CONTENTS A INTRODUCTIONAL SUMMARY B APPLYING MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS TO THEIR SUCCESS 1 Management Functions Planning & Strategizing Organising Leading Controlling Theory X approach Human relations approach - Decentralised organization structure Empowerment Employee motivation
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3. Cultural Environments and Dimensions Power distance Uncertainty Avoidance Individualism 4. Mode of Entry 5. Social Responsibility 6. Ethics 7. Culture C RECOMMENDATIONS D CONCLUSION APPLYING MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS TO THEIR SUCCESS Change, ethics, entry strategy (mode), mgt approaches, mgt functions (planning etc), managerial roles(info etc), teams, mgt thought(x etc), employee relationship 1 Management Functions To begin implementing the various changes in the organization, management at Pike’s Place had to perform some important functions which are vital for every business organisation: Planning & Strategizing - To lead the company to fulfill its mission of being world famous, they had to set future objectives of “producing outrageous results” and map out the activities needed to achieve them, which is a vital role needed for every business’s survival. They had to plan ahead and change their former business methods to avoid the financial problems they were facing and move ahead. Organising - Another part of the management function vital for every business like this includes performing the important function of defining roles, clarifying procedures, determining priorities and allocating resources. Pike started to organize its resources more efficiently after Jim Bergquist came in, achieving success. Leading - Inspiration, motivation, creating cooperative conditions, communicating new goals to the employees through meetings, and energizing them to contribute their best individually and in cooperation with others, were the tasks management carried out in order to lead. Like
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anat_pike_place - MIS 201 Pikes Place Case Video Analysis...

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