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Child labor initially appeared in the South, though debates were determined by the West. Much of these debates were settled to protect the future generations and to guarantee a better life for our children. Despite the fact that minimum age laws were imposed to specify a certain age for children to work, child labor continues to rise. Especially in poor countries because children are ought to help in contributing to the family’s income. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to
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Unformatted text preview: see children working in a farm and handling tough tasks. Ultimately, child labor is not only considered exploitative, but it sort of violates children’s right, hence, something should be done to protect them. Children are victims of the global market which seeks only profits, and holds no mercy. Imagine a child spending his, supposed-to-be fun, childhood in a farm or in a factory drown in dirts and sweat, and on the other hand, a child enjoying his childhood...
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