Unity in Writing - L amya Mahmoud ID:34851 Unity in Writing...

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Lamya Mahmoud ID:34851 Unity in Writing Writing unity refers to how well sentences and paragraphs stay focused on the topic sentences and thesis statement. From the reader's point of view, writing unity means that there are no irrelevant (off the point) details and that the tone of the writing remains consistent. All good writing is structured. The structure changes according to the domain of the writing, but when an author consistently follows a plan, the reader can clearly follow what the author intends to share or to prove. Avoid including details that take the reader away from this plan and lead to confusion. The paragraph is the fundamental unit of the college essay. In each paragraph a particular idea or topic is developed and explained. In order to successfully develop an idea or topic, however, it is absolutely essential that each paragraph be written in a unified and coherent manner. A unified paragraph must follow the idea mentioned in the topic sentence and must not deviate from it. A coherent paragraph has sentences that all flow together; they are not isolated from each other. Coherence can be achieved in several ways. First, transitions help connect ideas from one sentence to the next. Second, ordering thoughts in numerical sequence helps to direct the reader from one point to the next. Third, structuring each paragraph according to one of the following
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Unity in Writing - L amya Mahmoud ID:34851 Unity in Writing...

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