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summary of chapter 3-basics - drawing a subject tree you...

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Generally, to start writing a well-organized essay, you should have a thesis statement, an outline and a rough draft. When writing an essay you should have a purpose and equally important, you should consider your readers. If you know your readers’ level of education, their knowledge and interests about your subject, not only you can determine what background information you should include, but you can also know what kind of language you should use. Specifically, there are three types of languages that can be used, which are: formal, informal, familiar. Moreover, evaluating your association with the readers helps you determine how to state your thesis. Your central idea should be expressed in the thesis, and your main points should relate to your thesis as well. Firstly, choose a general topic then by clustering or
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Unformatted text preview: drawing a subject tree you can narrow your topic and specify what details you want to include within a suitable extent. Secondly, check if all your points and supporting details relate to your thesis. Then, write a scratch outline that sorts details under headlines. Next, you might need to write a formal outline if you wish to write a longer paper with more details. Finally, set up a rough draft where you write about each segment in the outline, yet you may add information which is not mentioned in your outline, but it should be related to your thesis. Then you can edit any spelling or grammar mistakes and organize the structure of your essay when you prepare your final draft....
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