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History doesn’t create heroes, reversely, heroes create history. Dr. Martin Luther King was one of those heroes who imprinted his name on the history’s grand pages, evidently, all of us agree that “I Have a Dream” was the most persuasive , influential and effective of all articles and speeches concerning racism. Beyond doubt, we wouldn’t have been praising of him today if it wasn’t for his greatness. Firstly, I like how Maria used the words “They got to follow the good, not what looks good”, which accordingly gives us an idea of how racist white Americans are shallow and narrow- minded. This is very true, because those racists care mostly about the phenotype, physical appearance, of a person rather than their character and spirit. For that reason I have the same
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Unformatted text preview: opinion with whoever mentioned that people shouldnt be judged by their skin color, but by their character and spirit. Secondly, Ahmed Abdulla wisely stated his opinion when he said the solution lies within education from a young age. I totally agree with him, because illiteracy may lead to social ignorance. Moreover, Ahmad Yahya used the term Self-fulfilling Prophecy, which was a point of admiration to me, in expressing how many people might have a false vision of racism due to media intrusion. I somehow agree with him, because we all know how media strongly influences us in many ways, yet I do not agree with him at the same time, because a major issue as such isnt easily affected by media....
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