racsim - Lamya Mahmoud Its a black and white image...

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Lamya Mahmoud It’s a black and white image , separating black and white people. It seems a way old image , representing an old notion which still exits in spite of all the changes which have occurred over all these years. One of the most controversial issues that have risen in the 20 th century is racism. Over years black people has suffered racial segregation and oppression from white people. Black racism has declined dramatically in the last forty years. Nowadays, we barely see racism, however , that does not mean that it is ceased. With a protective and defensive law that backs-up black people from such discrimination , racism is almost at the closing stages .Though white people cannot harm black people physically, nowadays , their alternative maneuver is to harm them spiritually and emotionally . Racism now is expressed in indirect subtle ways. In today’s world, the only thing that we are sure of is that people learnt to hide their prejudice, but did they learn how to be more tolerant?. We are living in a multicultural world
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racsim - Lamya Mahmoud Its a black and white image...

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