letter - P rofessor Anoud Abu Salim UAE Sharjah American...

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Professor Anoud Abu Salim, UAE, Sharjah – American University of Sharjah March 21, 2009 Dear Professor Anoud: I have been recently noticing one of the major issues in AUS which is plagiarism and cheating, that is certainly against ethical and moral criterion, and no doubt this notion is an issue not only in AUS, but in many other colleges as well. Consequently, this unacceptable habit can negatively affect one who cheats whether in the meantime or in his/her future career. In the first place, one of the major causes of plagiarism and cheating among students goes back to the fact that professors put tough questions in the exams or assignments. As a result, when students face such difficulties they use cheating as the easiest method to help them cross such obstacles. In addition to that, another main cause is shortage of time in a student’s normal day due to over-due assignments and quizzes which contributes stress. The problem here is that professors expect students to give up sleeping at night and study 48 hours in a 24 hours day, which of course is impossible. Furthermore, some professors are not
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This note was uploaded on 03/24/2010 for the course WRI WRI 102 taught by Professor Najla during the Spring '10 term at American University in Bulgaria.

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letter - P rofessor Anoud Abu Salim UAE Sharjah American...

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