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faces of racism - ago which created disparity between them...

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As a consequence of reading many articles regarding the same topic which is racism, it’s crystal clear that the victims in this case are the black Americans whose rights have been taken away for so many years. They have gone under so much discrimination and depression, subsequently, they started struggling for their granted rights with the help of some great leaders who played a significant role in returning black people’s rights. Furthermore, white people are considered good-looking more than black people, and this created a sense of pride and self-conceitedness within themselves, consequently, giving them the audacity to have control over black people, restrict their affairs, abuse them and ignore their social rights, etc. I think this is the reason beyond racism. In addition to that, I believe the major cause behind this notion is the fact that black Americans originally come from Africa long time
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Unformatted text preview: ago, which created disparity between them and white Americans. Both Campus Racism and I have a dream serve the same issue, racism. Campus Racism dealt with problems of racism and how a black American can manage living among white Americans. And it also suggested some advices for black American students. In the same way, I have a dream was about issues of racism and how to seek equality and unity. From my viewpoint, I believe that Dr. Martin Luther King was more persuasive and influential in conveying the message through his poignant and unbiased speech, for it didn’t hold a bit of loathe towards those white Americans who were the reason behind their desolation. On the contrary, it was full of peace and forgiveness....
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