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Rev. 8/01/09 BUS101 The 5 Minute Marketing Plan Competition This is a competition between all standard BUS101 sections. Only one team from each section will have the honor of competing in the second and final round of competition. The competition goes as follows: The first round of the competition takes place in the classroom before your respective professor and the second round takes place in the Grand Hall of the Bello Center. The presentation will consist of two components: 1) 4 ½ minute presentation of your marketing plan (Utilize most of the information that was put on your Marketing Board and create a PowerPoint presentation – Realize that this PowerPoint will be utilized again in your final Business Plan presentation at the end of the semester) 2) 30 second television ad (filmed or PowerPoint slide show – the commercial is all about creativity – even if you Do Not plan on utilizing television as part of your media mix) This presentation should include a discussion of the classic 4Ps as well as the initial analysis of your organization’s target market. Ensure that you provide complete and detailed rationale for the specific decisions associated with the 4Ps. For example, you cannot just convey that the price of your product is $19.99. In order to provide appropriate rationale for the pricing decision, you must present some evidence and analysis to support your price decision. What are your costs? What is
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5_Minute_Marketing_Plan_Competition08.09 - Rev BUS101 The 5...

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