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BUS101 Respondus Install Instructions

BUS101 Respondus Install Instructions - Using your laptop...

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How to install Respondus Lockdown Browser This is the link that will enable you to install Respondus Lockdown Browser on your laptops so that you will be able to take the quizzes and exams. Without this software, you are out of luck. Follow the instructions and read all the prompts that come up on your screen. Typically the biggest problem people have is not catching the prompt that says "Enable Active X" on their screen. If the install seems to be stalled and nothing is happening, look at the top/center section of your screen and see if there is a prompt for you to install active x or agree to the install. Once you do this the install should resume. Here is what EVERYONE needs to do -
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Unformatted text preview: Using your laptop, go to Internet Explorer (Respondus can only be used on Internet Explorer and no other search engine!) and type this address directly on the address line: http://www.respondus4.com/LDB/LockDownBrowser.pl?ID=197434020 Then click the "install" button on the Browser. Follow the steps noted and the entire software upgrade should only take a few minutes. Once the download is completed, LOG OUT. Go back to your desktop and look for the Respondus Lockdown Icon - a gold padlock. If the padlock is not there, try again or find someone in your class and ask them how to do this. Hopefully this will work for you....
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