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Rev 7/27/09 BUS101 Marketing 4P’s Board Project And Trade Show Exhibition This is a great project designed to get you thinking about the Marketing portion of your business plan while also providing you with a chance to field questions from interested parties, potential clients, and industry professionals utilizing an exciting Trade Show Exhibition format. The highlight will be when ALL BUS 101 teams present their Marketing Plan Storyboard at an all section “Trade Show” to be held in the Bryant Rotunda! See your syllabus for the exact date. Students, Faculty, and Bryant staff will have the opportunity to view your team presentation and ask questions during the scheduled exhibition timeframe. Here is how you start! Utilizing a large piece of cardboard / poster board (or something similar), you and your team will create a Professional Presentation about your Business Plan Concept utilizing the 4 P’s (your professor will provide an example for you so that you can see a finished marketing board from past semesters or direct you to a location where the boards will be on display) Your boards can be fashioned to resemble your product or service or they can be left as regular boards. Your boards will be displayed on a 6’ or 8’ table. You will share the table with another team. You may use the wall behind you, the floor in front of your table and the table space in front of your board for additional display place. Your boards (or the additional space provided) should contain the following elements: 1. The Marketing Mix a. Product Sample(s) b. Pricing Strategy and Reasoning behind it c. Placement (maps and photo’s of your location and facility) d. Promotional materials for the entire media mix you are utilizing – it’s
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BUS101_4P's_Tradeshow_Marketing_Board[1] - Rev 7/27/09...

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